Viewership and ad spending for cable news have never been this strong months after a presidential election, reports Media Life Magazine, which added:

“Then again, there’s never been a president quite like Donald Trump, so perhaps that’s to be expected.

“Two months after Trump’s victory, cable news remains red hot, seeing big gains in ad spending as viewers continue to tune in to see what the next day will bring for the tumultuous Trump administration.

“The Trump bump continued on Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN last month, according to new data from Standard Media Index, which tracks 70 percent of national agency spending and models the rest based on trends.

“Cable news ad spending on the Big Three was up 31.2 percent in January compared to the previous year.

“MSNBC saw the biggest gain, up 49.2 percent, while Fox News was just behind at 34.2 percent.

“CNN, which does not feature the same partisan primetime chat shows as the other two, rose 19.9 percent.

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