The Washington Post has completed rollout of Zeus, its speed-focused advertising technology which, states the Post  delivers “an optimal ad experience for both brands and users. With Zeus, all advertising on The Washington Post—including mobile, desktop and apps—now loads in under two seconds.

““We set out to create the web’s fastest advertising technology, and this near instant and frictionless delivery of ads is now our default ad experience,” said Jarrod Dicker, head of ad product and technology for The Post. “Zeus is truly an industry-first technology, and it has evolved as we’ve been developing a solution that can scale across our own site as well as partner sites through Arc.”

“The patent-pending technology was built to expedite ad loading and efficiency and to provide a solution for top industry issues. Since Zeus launched on mobile in September, in addition to speed execution, ad performance has greatly improved with a 100 percent increase in viewability compared to the industry average and a 32 percent click-through rate increase.”

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