The Washington Post has launched “#DIYFactCheck,” a series of tools to verify videos and debunk misinformation. Available via The Post’s Instagram, the guide takes readers step-by-step as it explores key questions such as how to find the original video, who posted the video, and where and when the video was filmed.

“At a time when it has become increasingly critical for people to be able to verify and debunk misinformation, we wanted to give readers insight into how our team approaches videos shared online and how to be critical consumers of video,” said Nadine Ajaka, senior video producer at The Post. “Using Instagram for this project allows us to use a platform built for sharing to arm our readers with the tools to verify the credibility of information they see online.”

According to The Post, the Instagram series will use sample images, video and illustrated sketches to take readers step-by-step as they verify the accuracy of the video in real-time. Each series installment will outline how to spot manipulated video, including how to verify the location of the video, determine missing context, as well as spot deceptive editing.

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