The Washington Post launched a daily audio program called Retropod.  According to The Post:

“After the launch of the Retropolis blog, we discovered a thirst from readers to learn more about America’s rich history in a fun and engaging way,” said Mike Rosenwald, host of the Retropod podcast and staff writer for The Post. “Listeners of all ages can enjoy hearing about colorful characters from our past – forgotten heroes, overlooked villains, dreamers and more in the Retropod podcast.”

“Episodes will post each weekday morning at 7 a.m. EST and will be less than five minutes in duration. Starting Feb. 12, 2018, listeners can access the Retropod podcast as a news briefing on Amazon Echo, Google Home or listen on other podcast platforms.

““Following our success with audio news content, we wanted to tap into this delivery mechanism featuring fun and easily digestible information,” said Jessica Stahl, director of audio for The Post. “These bite-size episodes are designed to be part of listeners’ daily habits and are perfect for both smart speakers and traditional podcast listening.””



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