The Washington Post announced the debut of Zeus Prime, which The Post said, is “a groundbreaking premium ad-buying network that connects brands and top U.S. publishers in a real-time marketplace. The self-service platform provides publishers with a turnkey ad sales solution while also giving brands and agencies the ability to quickly purchase and place ads across national, regional and local publisher sites.”

“If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last year, it’s that tone and message are as essential as placement in connecting with a desired audience. That insight is the foundation for Zeus Prime,” said Joy Robins, CRO of The Washington Post. “Our focus is to build a results-driven solution for the digital ad landscape, and we’re thrilled to first work with select established partners, creating a high-quality environment centered around speed, ease and smart targeting.”

According to The Post, with Zeus Prime, “brands can immediately react to news moments and launch campaigns in environments that people turn to for reliable information, leveraging existing social creative for delivery across a national network of trusted publishers. Zeus Prime features an intuitive experience for advertisers, equipping them with the power to select sites to run an ad on, split the budget, see available impressions for each site, upload and preview creative on each site, modify the text or image in an ad, and pay for the campaign via credit card or invoice. In addition, advertisers can segment performance data by types such as device and site to better inform the brand campaign strategy.”

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