The Washington Post Magazine relaunched its print and digital product, introducing new features, a redesign of the print magazine and a new digital template.

According to The Post, ““The magazine has seen enormous digital growth over the past year, as our long-form storytelling has drawn in more readers,” said Richard Just, editor of The Post Magazine. “With this redesign, we are aiming to bring more journalistic creativity to the magazine’s front section and to create a look—both in print and online—that is adventurous and elegant. Our long-form pieces will now have a distinctive online design—one that is visually connected to the rest of The Washington Post but also gives the magazine an identity of its own.””

In the cover story of the inaugural issue,  states The Post, “Post chief political correspondent Dan Balz conducted a definitive inquiry into the state of the Democratic Party as it begins to look ahead to 2020. Balz finds that the party has numerous internal challenges to overcome if it is going to take back the White House from President Trump.”

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