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There’s a Bates Creative App for That

by | Feb 10, 2015

As an Adobe Solution Partner for Digital Publishing Suite, Bates Creative has had countless conversations with clients about the opportunities available for publishing content digitally using Adobe DPS. These conversations often go in different directions depending on each client’s particular use case, but no matter the type of app we’re discussing, we find that more often than not the most powerful conversations are when we can show rather than tell with live Adobe DPS app examples.

It’s challenging to fully grasp the difference between an Adobe DPS app and a standard flipbook app until you actually see and experience the difference. While we’ve created several apps for clients that we use as examples, we challenged ourselves to create our own Bates Creative app to highlight some of the best features and what’s possible for brands with an Adobe DPS license.

Navigate our Bates Creative App

We encourage you to download our Bates Creative app to navigate through as we talk about the features in this post.

Once the app has downloaded it will open to our custom storefront, or what we like to call a communication portal for our brand. The custom storefront screen is the “homepage” or dashboard for our app and has several entry points for different types of content that we chose to highlight including our blog, agency video, website, Behance portfolio and more.

The beauty of a custom storefront is that it is just that, custom. An Adobe DPS license holder has the power to customize this screen to showcase any type of content they wish to highlight, it doesn’t necessarily need to be content that lives inside of your Adobe DPS app. For example, is registration for an event about to open or do you have a new product or service you need to market? A custom storefront is the perfect place to highlight these types of marketing initiatives.

You’ll see in our Bates Creative custom storefront that it also leads users to download our two folios found within our app library. In Adobe lingo, a “folio” is the final content you distribute through your app. For example, a folio can be an issue of a magazine or a version of a sales presentation that is housed inside an app. In our Bates Creative app, we currently have two folios available for download: Imagine and Storytellers by Design.

Bates Creative Imagine Folio

Our Imagine folio was created to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. It shares what inspires our team everyday and what has fueled our passion for design. This folio showcases some information about our team but mostly highlights advances in the design industry and new technologies that have influenced our work and evolution as a creative agency over our first 10 years. The Imagine folio also serves as inspiration for our clients to better understand how an Adobe DPS app can be integrated into cross-touchpoint communication strategies to help drive revenue for their brands.

Bates Creative Storytellers by Design Folio

Our Storytellers by Design folio was created as more of a sales piece for our team to use during presentations, at conferences or during one-on-one meetings. It also serves as a type of “offline website” for our agency – users can access the app’s embedded content offline to learn more about our agency once they have downloaded the folio.

With this folio users can get to know our team members, learn about our service offerings and methodology, and take a peek at some of our client work that we can share publicly. The folio ends with our social media hub, showing how an Adobe DPS app can bring in HTML and web feeds directly into an app (must be online to access this section). You’ll find a live Twitter feed, a rotation of our most recent blog posts pulled in from our website and a link to get in touch with us.

More to Come with App Updates

Bates Creative, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, will continue to update our app with new folios and content in our custom storefront – one of the great aspects of an Adobe DPS license is the ability to update your app as often as needed. If you’ve downloaded our Bates Creative app be sure to turn on your push notifications for our app so we can notify you when new or updated content is available – another perk of Adobe DPS.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our agency, looking for inspiration for your next digital publishing project or ready to learn more about Adobe DPS – there’s a Bates Creative app for that and we hope you enjoy exploring it.

Leave us a comment if you have questions about our app or have feedback to share with our team.



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