“With a matchup virtually no one was clamoring to see—everyone wanted the New England Patriots to play the Dallas Cowboys, not the Atlanta Falcons—this year’s Super Bowl isn’t expected to set a new viewership record,” reports Media Life magazine, “but it may go down in history for a different reason.

“With the evolution of technology steaming right along, this will be a Super Bowl of firsts.

“There are always a number of first-time advertisers, and that will certainly continue this year. But most of the firsts are of far greater consequence for media and for sports TV in general.

“They’re innovations that, if successful, could be seen in other sports or games in the years to come. All will be watched closely to see what sort of impact they have.”

Media Life then provides a rundown on this year’s most significant Super Bowl firsts and why they matter to media buyers and planners.  You can check out the entire article here.


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