One thing that never gets old in media and marketing, according to Digiday, is the desire to rethink the status quo, challenge conventional wisdom and raise the bar. That impulse is evident in the Changemakers list, where Digiday spotlights people who are “busy creating the future of media and marketing.”

Digiday, a global media platform, covers the media and marketing industry and how they are being disrupted by technology. Digiday reports on the “challenges and opportunities of media’s transformation.”

This year’s group includes three Washington Area creative professionals: Mike Allen, Co-Founder of Axios, Miki King, VP Marketing at the Washington Post, and Brian Whipple, Senior Marketing Director at Accenture.

Dominating the list of themes,  Digiday said, were  “the battle against tech giants’ dominance of online advertising, solving the mystery shrouding where ad dollars are spent and putting a spotlight on bad workplace culture. 50 people are honored for their contributions, every day, in making change a reality.”

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