President Trump has ramped up his campaign against TikTok because of concerns the Chinese-owned company scoops up information on Americans that could be turned over to the Chinese government, reports CNET.

Last week, continued CNET, Trump said TikTok would be banned from the US, but then he appeared to give the app a reprieve until next month. The delay gives Microsoft, which is seeking to purchase TikTok’s US operations, more time to secure a deal with ByteDance, the app’s Chinese parent company.

CNET adds that the president’s comments follow a flurry of news “that raised the specter of an immediate ban of the popular app. The situation, which seemed to change almost as quickly as videos scroll on the app, started on Friday, when Trump was reported to be considering forcing a divestiture of TikTok’s US operations, and news that Microsoft could be an interested buyer.

“Hours after those reports, Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One that he’d prefer to ban the app, an idea his administration floated earlier this month. That prompted an outpouring of concern from TikTok users worried the app would go away.”

The situation then changed again, with reports that ByteDance had agreed to give up control of its US operations. TikTok US General Manager Vanessa Pappas said that TikTok in the US isn’t “planning on going anywhere” and “is here for the long run.”

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If you wonder why Microsoft might want to acquire TikTok, The Verge states that at “first glance, a Microsoft acquisition of TikTok seems a little unusual (but if) you dig a little deeper into Microsoft’s future ambitions, though, a move to acquire TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand could benefit many of Microsoft’s existing businesses while also setting the company up as a real competitor to YouTube and Facebook.”

IMAGE: Dennis Goris, President & Creative Director, GORIS COMMUNICATIONS, for Capitol Communicator.

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