Adweek named the “25 Brilliant Ad Campaigns That Will Win Lions in Cannes” and two from The Martin Agency in Richmond made the list: Donate Life, “The World’s Biggest Asshole” and GEICO, “Condensed Ads”.

“The World’s Biggest Asshole” focuses on whether the most wretched person be redeemed. According to Adweek, They can if they’re Coleman F. Sweeney, a horrible human being through most of Donate Life’s three-minute spot who ends up saving lives, upon his untimely death, by being an organ donor. A great counterintuitive idea from Martin, brought to life expertly by actor Thomas Jane.

Geico, stated Adweek, has been entertainingly hacking the lowly YouTube preroll ad ever since “Unskippable,” the celebrated 2015 campaign that won the Film Grand Prix and Adweek’s Ad of the Year award that year. This year’s installment—ads that get crushed so you don’t have to watch them—worked so well, they aired on TV too.

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