Of the 11 hours U.S. adults spend with media per day, a little more than half — nearly six hours — is with TV/video, reports TelevisionNewsDaily, which added that “Nielsen Total Audience Report for the first quarter says U.S. adults spent 5 hours/57 minutes consuming video per day — up from 5 hours/46 minutes in the fourth quarter of 2017 and 5 hours/27 minutes in the third quarter of 2017.

“Live TV plus time-shifted TV is still the biggest part of viewing — slightly rising to 4 hours/46 minutes from 4 hours/44 minutes in the fourth quarter and 4 hours/25 minutes in the third quarter.

“The second-biggest TV/video platform is with TV-connected devices — internet-connected devices, game consoles and DVD players — at 46 minutes a day, up from 40 minutes in the fourth quarter.

“After this comes 10 minutes a day each for video viewing on computers and video video viewing on smartphones — through apps or websites. Five minutes a day video viewing is on tablets. These video platforms also posted slight rises from the previous quarterly periods.”

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