Under Armour Inc.’s newest advertising campaign claims that “sports will change the world”, reports the Baltimore Business Journal, which added that “the Baltimore sportswear maker’s new marketing push called “#WEWILL,” follows up on its traditional “I Will” ads launched in 2013.

“The new 60-second spot features athletes from all across the sports world, including the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton and the Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper. Highlights of golfer Jordan Spieth are also heavily featured in the commercial.

“At the end, the ad states that sports will “inspire,” “unite” and “change the world.”

“The company said that it wanted to release the ad now in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which has damaged thousands of homes and businesses in the Houston area and left millions displaced.

“”We wanted to use the power of sport to unite, inspire and rally around a common cause,” Under Armour said in a statement.”

To see more on the campaign, click here.

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