A website produced by the public relations office at the University of Maryland is being compared to propaganda after journalism faculty and students questioned whether its association with the university has been properly disclosed, reports Fox5, which added that “the questions were brought up by students of journalism professor and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest.

“Priest teaches a class on propaganda and disinformation, and her students brought up the website, Maryland Today, in class, asking whether it was an example of misinformation.

“”There was just so much excitement around the fact that we had found an example right here in our backyard of disinformation and deception to some degree. Why wouldn’t they call it what it is?” said Priest.

“The university rolled it out as a campus news source and does not prominently display that it is written by staff members paid by the university to put the institution in its best light.

“The students wrote a series of articles about Maryland Today, which were published on an education blog on the Washington Post’s website.” The report stated that the publication covered controversial stories without mentioning key facts or seeking opposing views, giving the university’s handling of Jordan McNair‘s death and the allegations of a toxic culture in the football program as examples.

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