The Virginia Opera has launched a campaign to promote its 2017-2018 season and photographer Cade Martin, who photographs Capitol Communicator’s “Up Close and Personal” profiles, was brought in to be part of the campaign.  The Virginia Opera is based in Norfolk but performs statewide, including Norfolk, Richmond and Fairfax. They needed promotional imagery to sell tickets to their four large productions in the 2017-2018 season and hired Jamin Hoyle of Branwellington & Cat to direct the project and Cade Martin to breathe his special kind of magic into the concepts. Hoyle also designed the posters and a 16-page brochure where the images can be seen.


Cade Martin told Capitol Communicator, “As an admirer of the Virginia Opera and its mission to create transformative cultural experiences through passionate storytelling and beautiful music, I was more than excited to get the brief from one of my favorite creative directors Jamin Hoyle, “to make opera sexy”.  Ultimately that meant tight portraits that would share the page with bold text.  As stand alone pieces these images are unflinching, visceral representation of each opera. They are a stark departure from any lingering stereotypes that the Opera is a stuffy affair.  Pascale Lemaire, Linh Nguyen and Viktoriia Bowers were brought in for wardrobe, hair and makeup, respectively, and were so phenomenal — and their creativity and vision also pop right out of these photographs. Ultimately, the photos served as the launching point for a larger brand refurbishment that we conducted through the design of the brochure.”

The Virginia Opera is the only opera company to perform a full season in multiple mainstage venues and to reach more than 150,000 students and community members each year through its innovative Education and Community Outreach Program.

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