Virginia Tourism Corp. selected Richmond-based The Martin Agency as its advertising agency of record, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which added that the agency was selected “after a competitive bidding process that attracted more than 20 applicants.

“It’s familiar territory for the Richmond-based agency, which invented the enduring Virginia is for Lovers slogan in 1969 and which has done creative work for the state tourism division over the years.

 ““The Martin Agency is known for representing global brands,” said Rita McClenny, Virginia Tourism president and CEO.

““The award is about engaging the best and most progressive agency to bring greater success and awareness to the Virginia is for Lovers brand globally. And they have a highly regarded creative team at Martin,” McClenny said.

“The multimillion contract award is for 18 months with four, one-year options to renew. The award was made Dec. 15, and the contract term starts Jan. 1.”

You can read the full story here.

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