Washington Capitals Vice President of Communications Sergey Kocharov won a $1 million prize playing Powerball, reports The Washington Post.

The Post’s post added that “Kocharov was shopping for groceries at a Harris Teeter in Northern Virginia last month when his dad, who was in town for a few days, convinced him to buy a few Powerball tickets. Kocharov, who said he never plays the lottery, bought five tickets for the July 27 drawing. Rather than pick his numbers based on Capitals players’ digits or some other personal method, he had the computer randomly generate his entries.

“The winning numbers were 1-19-31-48-61. Kocharov was the only person in Virginia and one of three people across the country to match the first five digits, but he missed the Powerball number (6), which would have entitled him to the jackpot now worth an estimated $138 million.”

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Photo: Virginia Lottery

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