Washington Media Group was named a winner of PR Daily’s Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards in the Best Podcast category for its Flack Pack podcast.

According to a release, “PR Daily’s Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards celebrates teams, organizations, agencies and consultants who have redefined the field with their groundbreaking work. As a winner in the program, Washington Media Group joins an elite group of past winners, including Anthropologie, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company, United States Olympic Committee, Bravo Digital Media, Humana, Mastercard and Toyota North America.

“Washington Media Group was chosen from a wide pool of submissions to receive the honor of Best Podcast for the ingenuity and impact of its Flack Pack podcast. 

“Flack Pack is a podcast that helps PR professionals become better at their craft, covering topics such as the ethics behind firms taking fees from Saudi Arabia, best practices around managing influencers and the arrival of the new AP Stylebook. The weekly show is posted each Friday across all podcast channels.”

The release added that Washington Media Group began the Flack Pack podcast to practice their podcasting skills. Over time, the show has become a fast-paced variety show with multiple segments, ranging from person-on-the-street interviews to game shows.

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