The Washington Post is working to create “a more global newsroom” by creating breaking-news hubs in Europe and Asia. These operations will be staffed by reporters and editors whose primary focus will be covering live news as it unfolds in the United States and around the globe during nighttime hours in Washington.

According to The Post, in 2021, it will establish new foreign bureaus in Sydney and Bogotá, “adding to an international footprint that will grow to 26 locations around the world. The moves follow the recent creation of a Europe-based role that will focus on covering global conflicts.

“In creating the breaking-news hubs, The Post will be able to operate energetically and rapidly 24 hours a day and seven days a week, with a particular emphasis on the live coverage of major stories that has become a growing part of our storytelling arsenal through a year dominated by pandemic, protests and politics.

“The Post intends to ensure that its readers everywhere can rely on a full, timely news report at any hour, including rich, multi-faceted coverage during the critical early-morning window in North America.

“In all, The Post is creating 19 jobs for this initiative to be divided between two hubs in London and Seoul. Each hub will include four breaking-news reporters and two breaking-news editors, and will also include a visuals editor, an audience editor and at least one multiplatform editor to bring additional scrutiny to our work.

“The new positions overseas for breaking-news coverage and the new postings for Sydney and Bogotá are part of a broader expansion at The Post in 2021 that will increase the newsroom’s overall staffing by 44 journalists. When all positions are filled, The Post’s newsroom staff will grow to 1,010, the most ever.”

The Post also will be broadening and deepening its coverage of personal technology in 2021, adding eight reporters and editors to a technology team that had increased over the last several years to 19 journalists.

The newsroom’s audience team also will grow, with the addition of four staffers. They will join others in enhancing The Post’s presence on Instagram.

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