Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, who has overseen a broad expansion of The Washington Post’s digital-news operations, will become the San Francisco Chronicle’s new editor in chief, reports The Post, which adds that  Garcia-Ruiz, 58, has been a managing editor at The Post since 2013, one of four currently under Executive Editor Martin Baron, and has been with the news organization for more than 20 years.

During Garcia-Ruiz’s tenure, continues The Post’s post, The Post became one of the largest digital-news sites in the world, with monthly traffic regularly exceeding 80 million U.S. visitors and surpassing 100 million during the coronavirus pandemic. Digital-only subscriptions to The Post grew to more than 2.5 million this summer.

“Garcia-Ruiz will join the Chronicle, long the San Francisco Bay area’s largest newspaper, next month. He succeeds Audrey Cooper, who left the newspaper this summer after five years leading its newsroom to become editor in chief of WNYC, the public-radio station in New York City,” states The Post.
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