The Washington Post launched Fuse to provide a consumer ad experience built for the high speed, mobile era.According to The Post, “The rise of mobile has prompted many publishers to modify the way they’ve traditionally told their stories to readers. Slow load times and lack of responsiveness were triggers that forced publishers to rethink and redesign their sites for a better, and nimbler, consumer experience on mobile devices. It was a catalyst for innovation across platforms as well, spawning the birth of Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP.”But what about advertising? If we’re recognizing a change is needed with how publishers deliver their stories, shouldn’t we be building technologies to facilitate brand adoption as well? Mobile advertising today is set up to drive the user away from the experience they’re currently on. But what if it was possible to keep the consumer within their current experience, delivering a brand’s message in a fast, authentic and user-friendly way?”

Fuse is described as “a proprietary advertising technology that provides a seamless, immersive, cross-platform experience. Because Fuse is fully-hosted on The Post, users can easily click or swipe the ad unit to open the creative that stays within the current application (apps, mweb, desktop), removing latency or load time. When a user swipes on the promotional unit powered by Fuse, the ad unit opens pre-cached and immediately within the application to reveal a full-screen, dynamic experience. Users can then swipe or click to return to where they were in the editorial article, creating a seamless transition between the advertising and editorial experience. Following the industry standard, a Fuse ad is identified by a lightning bolt in the top right corner of the promotional creative to denote an instantaneous load.”

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