The Washington Post launched The Cybersecurity 202 newsletter, breaking down the latest news on the politics and policy of cybersecurity. According to The Post, “The newsletter, delivered every weekday morning, will lead with original reporting from cybersecurity reporter Derek Hawkins, delving into key issues like election security, major hacks, encryption and the debate around electronic surveillance. It will also include key stories from The Washington Post and other relevant publications, as well as a roundup of notable social media posts, video and other multimedia.

““With cybersecurity issues increasing in importance, The Cybersecurity 202 offers stakeholders a dedicated news source that gets them up to speed in the morning and arms them with fresh reporting for the day ahead,” said Sara Sorcher, deputy editor of PowerPost at The Washington Post. “Its unique combination of new reporting, analysis and curation gives readers a comprehensive and essential digest to keep them abreast of a discussion that could ultimately have far-reaching implications for consumers, businesses and the U.S. economy.”

“The newsletter will also feature insights from “The Network,” a curated panel of high level cyber experts, including top leaders in the public and private sectors, security researchers, and academics, who will weigh in on top issues of the moment via regular surveys. Readers will be able to see where some of the top experts in the field land on key questions affecting the industry and also read any comments Network members may contribute for publication.”

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