The Washington Post launched a new video series called “Washington Post Hate Mail,” allowing users to connect with The Post’s Editorial pages in a visual way. Each week, Post Opinion writers will read and react to readers’ comments ranging from the endearing to the detestable.

“With this series, we want to inject a tone of joviality in today’s political discourse,” said Michelle Jaconi, executive creative producer for The Post’s Video team. “It is important for our audience to connect not just with names and bylines, but also the faces and grimaces, wit and wisdom of our staff.”

According to the Post, the first playlist features Charles Krauthammer, who recalls calling Donald Trump a ‘rodeo clown’ on-air; Alexandra Petri, who compares one of her writing moments to a dog meme; and George Will, who rejects a reader’s ‘fake news’ label, while perhaps accepting deplorability. Other columnists will cycle through and have a chance to read what people have posted about them.

The Post continues to experiment with reaching new users while learning how communities respond on different platforms. This series will available on The Post’s site, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

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