The Washington Post made “a bold decision” to up its investment in the digital video space, and will expand its staff to 70 by the end of 2017, reports Adweek’s TVNewser, which added that the move “is part of the brand’s growth strategy to focus time, energy, and money on creating short, topical digital series focused not solely on politics and accountability, (seemingly its bread and butter these days), but also on food, pop culture and “inspired life,” all of which are integral coverage areas for the paper.

“Each section will have a host/editor. And there’s no set schedule or rigid format. A change of pace for executive producer Michelle Jaconi who spent her career in live TV news.

““I’ve been incredibly blessed in my career to work for Tim Russert and now [Washington Post editor] Marty Baron,” Jaconi told TVNewser.

“The increased investment in video is also a way for WaPo to draw a younger, more digital-savvy demographic to the brand.”

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