The Washington Post reported that it ranked third among AdExchanger list of top 10 programmatic publishers for building its own ad tech.  The Post’s post quoted AdExchanger;

“The Washington Post built its own ad tech to improve speed and performance. Its Zeus platform, which rolled out in the past year, boosted page load times by 75% and viewability by 20%. And it didn’t require the publisher to rely on Google AMP or Facebook Instant Articles.

“The Post built out its own content recommendation system, Clavis, which it uses both internally and for sponsored posts. And it has regularly unveiled new ad units, like FlexPlay. The publisher uses its deep pockets, courtesy of owner Jeff Bezos, to make long-term decisions, not short-term ones.

“For example, its ad tech philosophy is not “the more the merrier.” It cuts low-performing partners that slow down its pages, and favors building its own technology (and licensing it out to others) over partnering with outsiders.

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