The Washington Post is working on The Lily, a new experimental, visually-driven product designed for millennial women, reports Poynter

The Poynter piece, in part, added:

“”People assume we’re naming it something flowery because we think women love flowers,” said Amy King, The Lily’s editor. “But this is far from the thinking that has gone into the development of this project. And I’m not surprised by the reaction.”

“She’s seen some negative reactions to the concept from people who call The Lily another attempt to dumb down news for women. But that isn’t the case, she said. As the Post describes The Lily, it’s not a women’s page or section or vertical in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s an attempt to take the news the Post produces and repackage it for a different audience on distributed platforms.

“”People consume news in many different places,” King said. “We want to make sure when we post to Instagram, for example, that we are creating content that is best for that platform. Otherwise, it’s just lazy work. This is an audience of digital natives, and the expectations are higher.”

“The Lily will have a newsletter, as well as profiles on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. It will take a highly visual approach to curating the Post’s work for millennial women and mix in some original work. By reaching people where they are, The Washington Post hopes to cultivate an audience that will become familiar with the brand and eventually become subscribers, said Deputy Managing Editor Tracy Grant.”


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