Wendy Rieger, longtime News4 anchor and reporter in Washington, D.C., died Saturday after a battle with Glioblastoma. She was 65.

For almost 35 years, states News4, “Wendy had a way of lighting up the screen. You’d never quite know what you were going to get.

“Except….yea, you’d know exactly what you’d get.

“For all these years, Wendy was Wendy: Smart, funny, compassionate and authentically herself.

“She shared a lot of her life with us over the years talking about her homes, her cats, her boat, her love of wine and her love of the area from the waters of Maryland to the mountains of Virginia. And, of course, the culture of Washington.

“Wendy came to Washington to study at American University in Northwest D.C. Her career began in radio with her strong, euphonic voice emanating from the airwaves at WAMU and WTOP.”

Rieger, states The Washington Post, “was an actress in Norfolk when she made her journalism debut in the late 1970s, earning extra money as a news reader for a Tidewater-area radio station. She was advised by a station colleague to “sound” like a news person — “You know, serious,” she was told. “Like Walter Cronkite.”

“After assessing her less-than-flourishing stage career — “There’s no closer way to get to Broadway than to do dinner theater in Norfolk,” she joked — she changed paths.”

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