The recent NAB Show included several sessions focused on protecting stations against cyber-attacks. As NAB speaker Steve Weisman, a lawyer and college professor at Bentley University, pointed out: “When it comes to cyber security and the dangers of being hacked and suffering data breaches, things are not as bad as you think — they are much worse,” reports TV NewsCheck.

The report, in part, added:

“Weisman, who has authored nine books on the subject, warned his NAB session’s attendees: “A data breach can result in embarrassing emails and documents becoming public or it can be much worse, as where your financial accounts can be jeopardized and the personal information of your employees compromised, putting them in danger of identity theft.” Several media organizations can already attest to Weisman’s warnings from painful first-hand experiences.”

For the rest of the story, which is of value to a much larger audience than media organizations, click here.

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