While traditional TV political spending is set to reach new levels for the 2020 presidential season — $6 billion, according to Kantar Media — social-media advertising on Facebook is already active, with President Donald Trump spending much more than other candidates, reports Media Daily News.

The report added that “Kantar Media/Pathmatics says that in the first half of this year, January 2019 through June 24, 2019, Trump’s campaign efforts have totaled $16.9 million — well above his nearest competitor, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, at $6.2 million.

“As many observers have also witnessed, since Trump was elected in 2016, his social-media tweets have continued to ramp up, as well.

“Kantar notes: “Some of Trump’s investment may be more geared toward shifting attitudes on specific issues, rather than just his re-election campaign.””

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