By Donna Spurrier

Will ad blocking change advertising?

Yes, in more than one way, hopefully. The direction may be more education about what ads DO – education to the consumer AND to the client/agency. Most consumers sort of understand that advertising supports the content, but clients and agencies have WAY overstepped the bounds of that visibility in the digital space…because we can.

And, just because we can doesn’t mean we should. The user experience in many instances has turned sour because of the non-ending array of pop-ups, sub-loads, auto roll, pre roll, and on and on and on! All of this mess impacts load times and is killing the user experience. We on the ad side have totally missed it. The user wants the CONTENT, not the ads.

They may be willing to put up with the ads to get the content but not when it is a complete takeover of the experience. Some verticals could probably get away with advertising free sites for a fee. Maybe. Some. But is this scalable for national or international clients? Not really. What the shift to ad blocking should do is encourage the industry to try to create more than a numbers game of building remarketing pools and develop industry best practices to stop annoying the crap out of everyone. Maybe be a little less obvious and a little more native. Maybe less often and better quality. And maybe we have to adjust our calls to action and KPIs to be more relevant to the actual end user.

Remarketing, look-a-like modeling, predictive modeling are all really good digital tactics…done right. Maybe “right” now needs to include focusing on quality ads that are relevant to the social lifestyle rather than bombarding everyone with irrelevant bandwidth-eating digital vomit!

Donna Spurrier is founder of Spurrier Group, a Capitol Communicator sponsor. Founded in 1996, Spurrier Group is a marketing partner dedicated to measurable ROI through research, strategy and media. The agency analyzes and then simplifies data to understand how to strategically reach and then motivate their clients’ target audiences. Spurrier Group’s research leads to customer insights that educate and inform the entire marketing process. Spurrier Group was recently ranked the seventh largest advertising agency in the Washington D.C. metropolitan region, and it is consistently listed among the top agencies in Richmond.

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