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Capitol Communicator has a report that Wisdom Martin, morning anchor at WTTG has left the D.C.-area station after 20 years. Martin said the decision to leave was his and the station wanted him to continue.

Wisdom Martin, WTTG morning anchor, exits the station after 20 years

by | Jul 21, 2023

Wisdom Martin, morning anchor at WTTG has left the D.C.-area station after 20 years.  In a video, he said that the decision to leave was his and the station wanted him to continue.

According to the station’s website, Martin’s career started “while he was a sophomore at Jackson State University. His first job in TV news was running the teleprompter on the weekends at WAPT news. From there he worked his way up to news photographer, editor and sports reporter for the weekend shows, before graduating.

“After leaving Jackson, he became a news and sports reporter/anchor at KSEE in Fresno, California; WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina (Go Tar Heels!), weekend anchor at CNN in Atlanta; and anchor/reporter at WKRN in Nashville, Tennessee.

“During his time in Washington, Martin has covered several big stories including reporting live for several days in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, reporting live in Miami on the murder of Washington Redskins football player Sean Taylor, and was the first reporter live on the scene of FOX 5’s award-winning coverage of the serial bank robberies in D.C.

“When not at work, wisdom spends time with his wife and 3 young kids. He enjoys working out, cooking, speaking at different schools and coaching kid’s basketball and baseball in the area.”

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  1. Christine Wade

    I will miss Wisdom Martin! Blessings to you in all of your endeavors!

    • Jed

      Thnx, Wisdom! Always enjoyed your broadcasts! All the best in your Next Chapter!

      • Shon

        We wish you and your family many blessings and thanks. Outstanding role model and professional in every way.

        • Barry Lofton

          It’s been blessing to.watch brother we can ALL be proud of in EVERY way.I’m gonna miss that OLD school point of view.Thanks for being you.

        • Katina Woods

          Nooooooo Martin!!!!! Everyone is leaving FOX 5! We do not like change. No reel talk.. Martin I wish you and your family nothing but many many blessings. Enjoy your retirement and mostly enjoy your FAMILY! I love you and Will miss seeing you every morning. Stay bless.

          • A Patt

            FYI….He went to channel 9 —Just like Allison.

        • Faith Walker

          Thanks Wisdom, going to miss you, always enjoyed your broadcast. Thanks and Blessing to you and your family, wishing u the best in your Next Chapter in Life…

          • Bea

            Wisdom, we wish u & ur family love, health & prosperity in your next endeavor! God bless u & may God keep u close!!

          • Alma Lewis

            A very sad day to say Goodbye to a real sincere person. Ch 5 are suffering a great loss. It will never be the same. Good Luck, I know you and your family will do well where ever God direct your path. A true family man. “GOD BLESS YOU”

        • ELIJAH daniels732@verizon.net

          All will not be the same in the morning on Good Day DC from now on. My wife and I miss you already. Bless you and your family in all your future endeavors.

          • Karen

            Wiz you’re the only reason I watch channel 5 in the morning! For decades I’ve enjoyed your broadcasts, jokes and your words of “wisdom”! The news will still be the news but nobody can beat the Wiz!! Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

      • Diane Barber

        You will be greatly missed best wishes.

        • Shawn Cheatham

          Wisdom Martin you were a part of a winning team, you are real as in is it really real May God bless you and your family in what ever you do.

        • Camille

          Oh No, I love ❤️ Wisdom and Janette on Fox every morning. He has been there a long time and will truly be missed. Good Luck Wisdom on whatever you decide to do! May god bless you and your family!

        • Willie Jackson

          Unbelievable! Best wishes and I hope I continue to see you at LaFitness…

      • Chad

        Thanks Wisdom.
        I am sorry to see that you are leaving Fox5 in the morning.
        I wish you well and hope to see you in your next chapter.

        • Karen

          I will miss Wisdom so down to earth and always kept it real. God bless you my brother

      • Melvin

        Goodluck Wisdom I appreciate the fact that you always kept it real.

      • Reginald Jackson

        At first I thought wisdom was sort of a square but it turns out he’s Pretty hip being ADC guy.
        You look for toughness. But his down-to-earth nature won me over good luck to you champ!!!

      • Sara

        Fox Five news has the fastest anchor turn around than the other 3 stations.

        • Melissa

          Yeees, indeed!! Something isn’t right!! I agree with you 10000%! This is still weird, because when Allison Seymour left she said it was her too n it happened all of a sudden also! Then I find her later on talking about how fox 5 is shady and wrong in how she was done. When people leave on their own, they tell people they are leaving in a month, 3 weeks or even 2 weeks! There was no warning and that usually indicates something else…

          • Jeremy

            Facts he had get fired or he one power ball. That man has wife in kids and mortgage

      • Robert

        Great Guy,as Nice in person as he appears to be oñ the air.

    • Lisa Wheeler

      Love your humor and professionalism. The WDC area will miss you. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    • Ruth Winchester

      Wisdom is the best of the best!! God be with you always!!! Much love, peace and blessings.

    • Dennis

      Wisdom was an excellent news commentator and we wish him the best and he will be missed. God bless for him and his family.

      • Antenette Barney

        Gonna miss you my friend May God continue blessings to you, I will miss the suits and socks but please take care urself.

        • Linda Walker

          🌻 have to move on to another Channel for my news in the morning. I guess it will be Channel 4 and Channel 9 ( Get up DC)

    • Laureen Campbell

      Don’t leave us Wisdom.
      Where are you going Wisdom?
      I always enjoy hearing your voice in the morning.
      Much happiness at your new place of employment. 🙂

    • Peggy Huling

      I feel like I’ve lost a dear friend. I was so attached to the regular routine. I guess I need to channel my mom to another routine.

    • jANICE Corbett

      See you on WUSA 9. You’re a great anchor man. Really enjoy your take on things😃😃

  2. Dawson Nash

    Best wishes to Wisdom and his next venture.

    • Franceine

      We are all going to miss you Wisdom !! Fox 5 is loosing a great one !

      • Richard

        You have always shot straight from the hip. They do not understand us from down south. Good luck wherever you go next my man.

      • Eva Walton

        Wisdom, you have been a joy to watch and I love that you’re genuine, transparent, and you keep it real. You refuse to follow the crowd. Remain who you are, who Hod made you to be and ENJOY this next chapter of your life Brother. We, the viewers WILL miss you.

        • Rinnie

          Wisdom Martin,…wishing you the Best in your next Chapter. You will be missed on FOX-5.

    • R Gabriel

      The main reason I watched Channel 5 was because of W Martin. Mr Martin is a wonderful human being. I will truly miss him.

  3. George Via

    Wow sir! It won’t be the same. Much luck always. 🐐 G O A T

  4. Ad

    What! That’s crazy he was on this week! What happened! First Julie then Allison now Wisdom with no prior announcement! Nope something weird!

    • A

      Probably a horrible producer. I always appreciated Wisdom and his style of reporting. I wish him all the success in the world in his new role. He will be missed!

      • AM Patt

        Hmm…Where was Steve Chenevey is this goodbye to Wisdom? I guess the same place he was when Allison Seymour left. Smoke…..Fire.

        What do you think

  5. Marilyn

    Definitely will miss seeing Wisdom

    • Wanda Hargis

      I have enjoyed watching Wisdom Martin for years but just like all of the other ones, I kTnew he would be making an exit hank you for all of the news stories and the laughs.

  6. James Brady

    Wow, I will truly miss Wisdom. I noticed his professional manner and dress several years ago and I have been watching him every since. Wisdom I wish you every success as you continue in your chosen career.

  7. Andrea Harrison

    Best wishes and I hope you stay in the area!

    • Monretta

      Best of luck to you & yours in the future! Just happen to see your departure; glad to add to the well wishes!

  8. Deborah Grazette-Jessamy

    Wisdom Martin I will truly miss you from the morning shows 7, 9 and 10am. I have your book. All the best to you and your family. God bless and thank you for the laughter 🙏🙏😇

  9. Chris Burt

    He’ll be a WUSA-9…. Morning Show or the Anchor Desk….. Too Much Talent and a Great Person !!!! This Media Market needs more “Wisdom”!!!!

    • Pat Saxton-Plummer

      What is going on with the mass exodus of great, Black anchor persons within the last 3 years? Fox 5 DC needs to be investigated for their labor practices. These people are abruptly leaving after long tenor.

  10. Patrick Brawner-Bey

    Wisdom man don’t leave the area the DMV man you can always get a job man. I dig your style and I know that you are well liked everywhere that you go.

  11. Kimberly Strong

    Wisdom where you go, we go..

    • Gail Hogue

      Aw…It has been a privilege watching you each and every day. May God bless you with your endeavors. Thanks for the ZipTrip pictures. Much love!

    • APatt

      Well….that would be over to channel 9

  12. John

    Great job Wisdom.

    You definitely will be missed brother.

    Good luck!

  13. K Perks

    Will miss you Wisdom. Wishing you the best

  14. James Tompkins

    Anyone no what Wisdom is going to do now?

    • Areatha Henry

      Oh no 1st Annie Yu, Then Allison, now Wisdom. By Fox moving to Channel 4 news 😪 Wishing them all the best in their new endeavors.

  15. Karen

    Gonna miss you

  16. Darlene Payne

    Awe I’m not happy to see you go, but I’m happy for the new life you will live. Thank you for you extraordinary broadcasting. . You will be missed and I’m not watching WTTG anymore😡

  17. Lewyann

    All the best to this great man, Wisdom Martin. You will be missed and best of luck to you

  18. Laura Harkum

    Where will Wisdom Martin next job be. He will be missed

  19. Terrance Ross

    Hey man when it’s time to go it’s time to go. But look it ante over tell you say it’s over.hey good luck what ever you decide to do. Enjoy you Borther. T Ross

  20. NHolly

    My Mom and I watch Fox 5 every day particularly for the exclusive and exciting broadcasting of the daily news.
    Mom says you remind her of my brother. She is 100 years old and looks forward to seeing you everyday. We are sure that what ever your reason for leaving must be the best one for you and family. You will be missed.
    Take care

  21. Patricia

    Wisdom Martin will truly be missed❤️😭 good luck to you in whatever is next

  22. Earlline

    I agree with everyone comment. I haven’t heard where you are going next. Please let us know. Channel 5 will not be the same. I know the rating will go down.

  23. Mrs. Ronnie Williams-Burnley

    Such a shocker. Many blessings Wisdom. Really going to miss seeing your handsome face on FOX 5.

  24. Shirley Grooms

    I hope Wisdom joins Shawn Yancy and Tony Perkins at News 4. I followed them from Fox 5 to News 4.

  25. Cassandra

    Wisdom, I was shocked as I watched your announcement. I started watching Fox5 because of the lineup. You made the mornings and will be sorely missed. Gods Speed.

  26. NBA

    Wow!! Say it ain’t so. Tucker w/o you. You are the best. You keep me smiling. I love the wisdom you dish and your honesty most of all. You and Tucker kept the party alive. So sorry I missed your exit on Friday. I wish you the very best on your next chapter.

  27. Bonita Harris

    You made my days will miss the smile ,all the jokes and realness take care Wishing you well Be safe

  28. Tom Oates

    I worked with Wisdom at WKRN in Nashville in the early ’00’s. He’s an absolute joy and a total class act.

    I can also attest to what was stated by his co-anchors when Wisdom made the on-air announcement….what you see from Wisdom on your screens is what you also get from Wisdom face-to-face.

    • Marlon Frazier

      Everyone is leaving and now Jennette is like she the boss I don’t blame wisdom for leaving it’s not the same it’s becoming the worst news in Washington NBC is now number 1 to many new people who don’t fit and what are we supposed to miss because Jennette looks like a little girl compared to Holly

  29. LaJuane

    I was so surprised, when I received the news that you were leaving Wisdom. You were the only reason I looked at Fox 5 news from 5 am till 10 am most mornings. Then came Jeanette Reyes. She brought even more energy to Fox 5 and drew my attention immediately. You and Jeanette worked so well together (side by side). I loved how the two of you would debate with one another in a joking way. There was never a dull moment in that newsroom with you, Jeanette, Holly, Tucker and Marissa (definitely made my mornings). I can’t imagine looking at Fox 5 in the mornings now that you’re gone. You take care Wisdom. Best of luck to you and your lovely family.

  30. Joyce T German

    Wishing you the best but I know it is more to this story.It will come out one day..

  31. Christine Contee

    Best of luck Wisdom to you and your family. My siblings and many relatives will miss watching you and listening to the “Words of Wisdom Martin.” We don’t want to watch Channel 5 anymore. They are again losing another great one. Your leaving is like losing a family member. Sob sob sob.

  32. Lowell White

    Don’t know if I can watch Fox 5 again. Best of luck brother to you and your family. Your wisdom and no nonsense were right on time. Need more of us tough guys. God bless.


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