WNEW all-news radio that was on FM 99.1, has now been taken over by Bloomberg and now will focus on business and financial news.

“I did not see it coming, I woke up this morning and you could have told me and I would not have believed you,” said WNEW morning reporter Chuck Carroll, told WJLA.

The WJLA report, in part, also stated:

Carroll, who’s married to a WJLA employee, has worked for WNEW since it launched in 2012, but today like many of his colleagues he walked out of the station for the last time.

“I think really it’s complete shock. A lot of people are very very sad about this. This was a small group but a really tight thick group of individuals.”

The station will continue to be owned by CBS Radio.

According to a press release, the new Bloomberg 99.1 will focus on business and financial news and will draw upon the strength of reporting from 2,400 journalists in 150 news bureaus across 73 countries.

When WNEW launched its all-news format, word on the street was that it was targeting WTOP’s audience and advertisers. ┬áBut, the station never proved to be a serious challenge to WTOP, the D.C.-area’s radio rating leader.

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