The New York Times does a monthly piece exploring the story and the art behind theatre posters, aptly titled Behind the Poster, and, this month, The Times featured a promotional campaign for the Woolly Mammoth Theater in Washington, D.C.  In its story, the Times reported that “Meilan Mizell had a baby about two weeks before she was asked to be the model for artwork promoting “Baby Screams Miracle,” Clare Barron’s dark drama about a family praying its way through a cataclysmic storm, now at the Woolly Mammoth Theater in Washington. In the image, shot by the photographer Cade Martin in collaboration with Jamin Hoyle, a freelance art director, Ms. Mizell portrays a water-drenched and windblown woman screaming (or is she laughing?) as she gazes at a lit candle in her hands.

“On the day of the shoot, Gwydion Suilebhan, the theater’s director of brand and marketing, asked Ms. Mizell to imagine losing her baby, echoing a theme of loss and fragility in the play itself. A messy photo shoot turned into an emotionally raw experience.

““Tears immediately appeared on her face, as soon as I started directing her,” Mr. Suilebhan said. “She had ready access to her full emotions. She would probably be a terrific actor.”

Cade Martin, who photographs Capitol Communicator’s “up close and personal” profiles, told us that his partnership with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company “has yielded a collection of posters as interesting and wide-ranging as their productions.   I’m proud to work with a theatre that always pushes artistic boundaries, and this write up is a pleasant surprise.”

If you’d like to see more posters from this campaign, you can find it here.

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