The Twitter and Instagram accounts for NBC-owned WRC led the D.C. market with a 29 share as a group, reports Adweek, followed by Fox-owned WTTG with a 28.7 share and TEGNA-owned WUSA with a 28.5 share, according to data from Share Rocket.

According to  Adweek, “WRC’s Twitter account is the single-largest account in the market with 231,574 followers. WRC reporter Shomari Stone was the top individual in the market on Twitter with a 4.6 Share. As a group, WRC was the top station on Twitter despite posting nearly 2,000 times less than WTTG or WUSA.

“On Instagram, during the last 30 days, WRC had a 39.7 share on the platform compared to a 30.1 share for second-place WTTG. No other station in the market had a share higher than 15. WRC’s lead was driven by anchor Angie Goff, who led all accounts in the market with a 19.9 Share on Instagram. Goff had more than 38,000 engagements on her page over the 30 days despite only having 11,598 fans.”

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