Many WRC-TV viewers in the D.C. area contacted News4 after noticing that it had been a few weeks since Wendy Rieger, who anchors News4 at 5, the top-rated TV newscast in Washington at 5 p.m., had been on the air.  According to the station: “About a month ago, she was having headaches and knew something wasn’t right.”  She sought out medical specialists and they determined she needed brain surgery.

Rieger, shown above at home following her surgery, joined WRC-TV’s Jim Handly to talk about how she’s doing and when she noticed something was wrong.  You can see that interview here.

In October 2020, Rieger had open heart surgery.

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  1. Tami P

    Oh, Wendy. I was confused when I didn’t see you on air but thought you were either on a lengthy vaca or had left the station. In the past when anchors had left their station, too often nothing is reported that they had resigned or were no longer w/the station

    I’ve been watching you since day 1. You are a joy. Please heal quickly.

    God bless you,
    Tami P.

  2. Cindy Lyle

    Wendy, we miss you and hope you are feeling well. Thank you for sharing your medical issues and recovery process with us and informing us of warning signs. Come back to us soon!

  3. Mike

    Wendy I am glad you are okay- I am a local boy and I have seen you since way back- get well ❤️‍🩹! Mike Kilpatrick

  4. Linda Fletcher

    This native Washingtonian misses seeing you, Wendy…All my best for a short recovery. Hope you’re at your gorgeous farm…love seeing the shots from there-offers the peace so needed…
    Come for a kayak spin or picnic as soon as you can-on “The River”!

  5. lloyd

    I looked forward to seeing you each day, you always had such an up attitude and made me smile

  6. Marg

    Wendy, I’ve wondered about you for several weeks and hoped you were still with WRC4. Sending you my best wishes for a full and fast recovery.

  7. Ronald Pitts

    I miss your beautiful smile. Very sorry to hear of two major medical problems almost àt the same time. I send prayers to you everyday. We all want your speedy and complete recovery. Love prayers to you.

  8. Karen

    Our entire family has been hoping you are doing ok. We miss your great big smile!
    Godspeed and prayers.

  9. Billie

    Love you Wendy..I know you will come back stronger and with a bigger and brighter smile!!@

  10. Pat

    We have missed you and thought last night’s version of you was very heartwarming and encouraging for anyone going through what you have been through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Can’t wait until you are back on the air. God bless you.


    Dear Wendy:

    I too have had brain surgery (benign) twice and radiation once. I am willing to share my story and positive coping skills with you. Things such as how the narcotics give you the worst constipation. Eat healthy and nutrtiious. My mother & husband fixed a big pot of beef vegetable soup. It was easy to fix, easy to eat and easy to share with visitors. If you’d like t talk I’d be willing. I prefer not to post my home number on this email, but if you send me your personal email, i iwll send it to you. Fortunately,, our group is quite limited, but it seems to help when you can talk with another person who has gone throough this scary ordeal.
    I’m sending positive thoughts your way and encourage you to accept help offered by family and friends. They WANT to DO something. Let them.
    Keep the positive attitude – I think that is as important as some of the treatments.
    Best wishes. Reu Ann Reece

  12. Bill

    Happy to hear your doing well after your scare. I worked out at the gym in Rio during the 90’s and we shared a workout bench a few times! #Staywell

  13. Kate Grzeskiewicz

    I’m sorry you have had brain surgery. I hope and pray that you will have total success. I had brain surgery in 2014. I had benign meningioma. After a week unconscious in the hospital I was transferred to a rehab hospital in Baltimore. Eventually I went to have Proton Therapy for six weeks. Everyone that helped me was wonderful. You look fantastic. I’m glad to see you back at work!


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