WTOP’s Chris Core has spent most of his professional life inside a radio studio talking to an audience near and far, but Core announced that he is retiring after more than five decades in broadcasting.

“I’d rather have people say, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry he’s leaving,’ than to say ‘Oh, my God, thank goodness he finally shut up,’” Core said.

After 11 years of  daily commentaries on WTOP, preceded by 20 years as half of the popular “Trumbull and Core Show,” on WMAL radio with Bill Trumbull, Core said the time has come to retire.

“I’ve been paid to be on the radio for 51 years,” said Core. “Nobody does that in our business.”

Now 71, Core began his time on the D.C. airwaves in 1974, when he was hired at WMAL as a weekend sports anchor. At the time, the AM station was far-and-away the D.C. radio ratings leader, revolving around its “Harden and Weaver” morning show.

Soon after being hired, Core added newscasting to his resume, and station executives noticed his on-air chemistry with Trumbull, who was already established in the radio market.

“In September of 1976 they said, ‘We’d kind of like you to sit in the studio with Bill and be his partner,’ and that was the beginning of what became the ‘Trumbull and Core Show,’ and we had a really good 20 year run.”


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