Location data player xAd purchased WeatherBug, “which is consistently one of the most downloaded weather mobile apps, per AppAnnie,” reports Adweek.

The Adweek article, in part, added:

“WeatherBug has 20 million users, giving its new owner a fresh layer of ad-targeting data to offer clients like Dunkin’ Donuts, BMW and Arby’s. WeatherBug users average 25 minutes per month on the digital company’s mobile, desktop web, connected TV and iWatch properties.

“”Weather is a very exciting category because consumers download the app, keep it running in the background [to keep track] of storms and lightning and so on and so forth. It’s one of the top three activities Americans do every week,” said Dipanshu Sharma, xAd CEO. “We were looking to strengthen our data position, as well as how do we go from knowing where you are and where you work to predicting where you are going to go.”

“It’s all about the data, and the WeatherBug purchase puts xAd in position to challenge IBM. Big Blue acquired the digital assets to The Weather Company at the beginning of 2016 and released a product called JourneyFX last month that lets brands buy weather-triggered ad placements.

“Five-hundred million global consumers can be targeted via xAd’s ad network, according to the New York-based tech company. The WeatherBug integration “will happen by Q1,” Sharma said. “We will able to get more granular with our data sets.”

“The price tag for WeatherBug was not disclosed.”

Ther app’s creator, Earth Networks, is based in Germantown, Md.

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