Yahoo is preventing some Yahoo Mail users from seeing their own e-mails until they turn off their ad-blocking software, reports The Washington Post.

The Post’s report, in part, added:

“Several reports have indicated that some U.S. users have tried to view their mail, only to receive a message from the site asking them to turn off their ad-blocking software first. In a statement to The Washington Post, a spokeswoman said, “At Yahoo, we are continually developing and testing new product experiences. This is a test we’re running for a small number of Yahoo Mail users.”

“The move could be seen as a reaction to the growing use of ad blockers, which people are installing on their devices to get away from annoying, sometimes invasive, often inconvenient advertisements. That’s spelled some trouble for Internet companies such as Yahoo and Google, as well as media companies, all of which depend on advertising revenue to fund their businesses.”

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