YouTube’s annual Rewind, an overview and recap of each year’s viral videos, events, trends, memes and music has been released.

Since 2010, Youtube Rewind has been highlighting the creators and trends that defined the past year on YouTube.  This year’s Rewind was an attempt to recover from last year’s disaster, YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind.

As of this writing. the video has been viewed 186,399,234 times and has over 17 million dislikes – making it the most disliked video in YouTube history. In an interview with Insider, Kevin Allocca, the Head of Culture and Trends for YouTube, stated that the central issue “is that a lot of people felt like it just didn’t represent their authentic experience of YouTube during the year. We definitely heard that feedback loud and clear and decided the video should really focus on the year on YouTube as accurately as possible.”

So, this year, in an attempt to respond to feedback they received from last year’s video, they used the actual clips that people were watching and the actual data to measure the reactions people had to things.

So far, YouTube Rewind 2019 has over 24 million views with 1.5 million thumbs up and 3 million thumbs down. As noted by Allocca in the Insider interview, based on popular tweets in the #YouTubeRewind hashtag, it seems like a lot of viewers long for the well-liked “Rewind” videos of the early 2010s, starting with the first “Rewind” to exhibit major production value, 2012’s “Rewind YouTube Style,” which parodied “Gangnam Style” and “Call Me Maybe.”

Creators, for the most part, are apparently pretty happy with Rewind 2019, but others feel it has lost its “wow” factor. What is YouTube to do in 2020 if the trend of the responses continues on this track? Fast Forward?

The 2019 edition was again produced by digital studio Portal A, which has partnered with YouTube for the project since 2012.

(Note: The executive producer of Portal A is relative of the publisher of Capitol Communicator.)

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