DC-based chain Z-Burger has been criticized for a tweet that juxtaposed a photo of murdered American journalist James Foley awaiting execution by ISIS in 2014 with an image of a hamburger, reports Washingtonian, which added that the message “from Z-Burger reads “When you say you want a burger and someone says okay let’s hit McDonalds.” Underneath the image of Foley was the message “You disgrace me.” The tweet has since been deleted. 

“Owner Peter Tabibian apologized on behalf of Z-Burger, which operates four locations in DC and Maryland, and says an outside company, Valor Media, was responsible. Tabibian says he hired the North Carolina-based group three months ago to handle all of Z-Burger’s social media and ad campaigns. The tweet was live for about an hour before he was made aware of it, and then he contacted the company to delete it.

“Michael Valor, who runs Valor Media, confirms that his company was at fault.”

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