Zipcar is rolling out a campaign in Washington, D.C., and Seattle that blends an old-school advertising technique with new technology—it’s wrapping ads around cars and tracking how many people see them, reports Adweek.

The Adweek item, in part, added:

“The company partnered with Wrapify, a San Diego startup that pays drivers to cover their cars with branding and data-tracking technology. Each car is equipped with sensors that feed live analytics to clients so they can see where their ads appear on the road, and how many people can see them. (Wrapify uses telemetry data from the car to track drivers’ real-time location on a map, and pairs it with anonymized data from other sources to understand how many cars nearby see the message.)

“Think about it as a new way to drive offline traffic.

“Wrapify founder and CEO James Heller sees his service as a bridge between out-of-home advertising and digital marketing.”

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