Capitol Communicator is running a series of posts about predictions for 2019. As you will note, we are posting Capitol Communicator predictions, as well as predictions from area communicators.  If you have thoughts on what’s ahead for 2019, contact Phil Rabin, editor of Capitol Communicator. at

Prediction from Capitol Communicator:  

In November, The Washington Post reported that, according to the Pew Research Center, 68 percent of Americans have either quit or taken a break from social media this year. If this trend is accurate and continues into 2019, it raises some interesting questions about the mix of tools communicators will use in 2019 – and beyond – to reach their key audiences.

Prediction from Hunter Montgomery, Chief Marketing Officer, Higher Logic:

Your Company’s Story: Your Customers.  In 2019, it will be all about our customers’ success. Strong marketing and communications programs lead with how the company’s customers derive value from our products and services, and if those same customers develop brand loyalty over time. If we literally put our customers first – not just in our support efforts, but in our product roadmap, company vision and mission, employee culture and marketing campaigns, then we create value for them at every turn. And if we provide that comprehensive customer experience across our messaging and communications, then those customers will stay with us and bring others along. The key is transparency: companies need to be transparent across the product, vision, culture, and general messaging.

Predictions from Michael Smith, CEO, GreenSmith PR:

The Critical Need for Communicators: In a world where transparency is more important than ever, the communication profession/practice is even more important. Brands that are tone-deaf to current issues will be at the highest risk.

Micro-influencers: are they your next tier of brand marketing? There are SO many high-caliber influencers and bloggers now, how effective are they now? Will micro-influencers who have less followers, but a more trusted following be the next best thing in PR and brand marketing?

Press releases are not dead. This is often a debate because of social and personal websites to distribute news. Press releases are not dead, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. Personal relationships with media and winning trust are critical to our professional goals.

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