Nearly every U.S. worker is concerned about the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new survey from Clutch, a D.C.-based B2B ratings and reviews platform.  A release from Clutch states that it surveyed 512 employees between March 13 and 16, 2020, and found that 88% of employees are concerned about COVID-19, including 29% who are very concerned.  The release, in part, added:

Many businesses are doing their part, however, to ease these employee concerns. In response to the spread of COVID-19, businesses are:

  • Encouraging sick employees to stay home (61%)
  • Improving office hygiene and cleanliness (52%)
  • Reducing business travel (36%)
  • Asking employees to work remotely (26%)
  • Expanding sick leave policy (13%)

One of the best ways to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus is to ask employees to work from home.

Already, 26% of U.S. companies are shifting to remote work, a number that grows every day as the outbreak continues.

Although some industries, especially service-based ones, aren’t conducive to remote work, businesses should not make employees who are able to work remotely come to the office. 

Employees who are sick should not feel pressure to coming to the office — especially during a pandemic.

As a result, some companies (13%) have expanded their sick leave policy.

An extensive sick leave policy can ensure employees take enough time off to get healthy. This reduces the chances of them coming to the office while still sick and spreading the virus to other employees.

Community Healthy Charities, in Alexandria, Va, is letting employees “go negative” on their sick leave days and take additional time off as needed.

“It lets employees know they can take care of themselves if they are sick,” Chief Operating Officer Molly Gravholt said. “The policies and procedures put in place … let people know we hear you; we care about you.”

Businesses can take steps to ease employee concerns about the novel coronavirus and reduce the spread of the virus.

Read the full report here.

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