People in the U.S. use an average of nearly 2.658 million gigabytes of Internet data every minute, but on what? Data visualization company Domo answered that question, in infographic form, reported AdWeek.

Cloud-based operating system Domo released its sixth annual Data Never Sleeps report, detailing the data generated on the internet every minute, AdWeek reported.

Following are 10 highlights of what happens on the web in a single minute, said AdWeek:

  • Snapchat users share 2,083,333 snaps
  • Twitter users send 473,400 tweets
  • Instagram users post 49,380 photos
  • YouTube users watch 4,333,560 videos
  • Spotify streams more than 750,000 songs
  • More than 120 new professionals join LinkedIn
  • Giphy serves 1,388,889 GIFs
  • Amazon ships 1,111 packages
  • 1.25 new Bitcoin are created
  • The Weather Channel receives 18,055,555 forecast requests

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