Adweek acquired Social Media Week (SMW) and its flagship properties, including Social Media Week Conferences, SMW News & Insights and its recently launched streaming platform SMW+.

Social Media Week was founded in 2009 by Toby Daniels to foster an engaged and elevated conversation on the impact of social media on advertising, media and culture. Social Media Week hosts in-person events across six continents, with nearly 100,000 attendees, and held its first virtual conference this past May with over 175 hours of content and over 10,000 attendees.

In 2020, the role of social media reached a new marketing milestone, providing consumers with not only a whole new level of community interactivity, but also real-time information and dialogue with marketers. Joining powerhouse incumbents Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, exciting new platforms such as TikTok, Triller and Dubsmash exploded in popularity. Social media managers became more valuable than ever before, and their ability to navigate these new waters has laid the foundation for the next generation of Chief Marketing Officers.

“The SMW acquisition is an important step forward in deepening our connection with these influential and rising marketers,” said Adweek CEO Jeffrey Litvack. “Social media has always been a critical part of marketing and 2020 has further thrust it into the spotlight. Adweek is committed to continuing to serve this vibrant community of marketers and providing them with unrivaled experiences, built upon the decade-long successes of Social Media Week.”

Under Adweek, SMW will continue to expand its virtual presence with the first show, #SMWNYC, announced for May 4–7, 2021.

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