If you’re an agency, working for Big Oil might get you sued, says an Adweek post.

That’s the message of a new report from activist group Clean Creatives, a campaign by Fossil Free Media to encourage the advertising and PR industry to cut ties with fossil fuel companies. The 17-page publication, titled Smoke and Mirrors: The Legal Risks of Fossil Fuel Advertising, tracks the explosive rise in climate litigation in recent years.

Over the last six years, the cumulative number of climate-related cases has more than doubled, the report found. There were 1,841 cases in 39 countries as of May 2021, although most of those are in U.S. courts. Of those that have concluded, a majority (58%) had outcomes that were “favorable to climate action,” the report said.

Cases related specifically to fossil fuel advertising are also on the rise, the report said, with at least three U.S. cities and seven states taking legal action against oil majors like ExxonMobil and Chevron for things like consumer fraud, deceptive trade practices, false advertising and covering up industry knowledge of climate science.

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