As with most aspects of  agency life,  COVID-19 has disrupted hiring practices and two agencies – The Martin Agency in Richmond and Fitzco in Atlanta – shared their experiences about finding new employees with MediaPost.

According to MediaPost,  candidates are going above and beyond to be seen, some even emailing or commenting on LinkedIn posts by Martin’s CEO Kristen Cavallo, shown above.

MediaPost adds that Fitzco managers “were shocked by the interest in an open media manager position, an entry-level role requiring two years of experience. The agency received 265 applications in one week, significantly higher than the standard 20 resumes they typically receive for similar openings.”

The number of applicants was “absolutely overwhelming,” says Claire Russell, head of media, Fitzco. “Experience varied widely with many not even reading the job description or considering if it’s a fit. We saw everything from dog walkers to sandwich artists to people with 20 years of media experience.”

“LinkedIn Easy Apply makes it too easy, and applicants are throwing their hat into the ring for jobs all over the country to see what sticks,” Russell adds.

Earlier this year, states MediaPost, The Martin Agency disclosed the racial makeup of its staff and “committed to achieving greater diversity and representation within its ranks. Thirty percent of its new hires are POC and 50% come from historically underrepresented groups.

“The agency now routinely asks candidates “How do you see yourself contributing to industry and agency-wide efforts in racial equity?”

“Potential candidates are also asking more direct questions about diversity such as “Does Martin care about Black people?” agency execs say. They’re also asking about the impact of COVID-19, how secure the position is in light of the pandemic.”

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