Agency leaders are looking ahead—and looking forward—to a return to an old style of easy collaboration: sweaty rooms full of crumpled paper and half-empty coffee cups, and glass walls covered in Post-Its, reports AdAge.

At the same time, continues that AdAge post, “the lessons of lockdown will change the way agencies operate—likely permanently, hopefully for the better. Far-flung colleagues have had a yearlong crash course in remote teamwork, and new hiring has relied less on local networking and it’s-who-you-know glad-handing.”

“We had our best new business year ever last year. All agencies look the same size on Zoom,” says Jonathan Schoenberg, executive creative director and partner at Boulder agency TDA, which has a few dozen employees but competes in pitches against much larger shops. “You’re not going to have more than a certain number of people on the call.”

But how many of these changes remain in place long-term is an open question, states AdAge, “and the answer depends on an agency’s size, location, clients and leadership. As the pandemic winds down, the expectations and opportunities for a new way of working are piling up.”

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