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Announcements from Agencies, Service Providers and Community Members

by | Mar 17, 2020

From Design Army

From RP3 Agency

Dear Valued Clients, Partners, and Friends:

We understand how challenging it is for you to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic given the complexity and uncertainty it’s causing across our daily lives and throughout our organizations. During this unprecedented time, we believe communication is vitally important to your brand health now and in the future.

RP3 is here to support you with anything you need.

We have a full-service crisis communications team available to assist you with strategy, messaging or any other internal and external communications needs you may have during this stressful time. Even if you just want to bounce some ideas around, we are here to help.

RP3 already has a robust telework system in place for all our staff, including collaboration tools to facilitate meetings with our clients. Our team members are working remotely but are 100% operational. RP3 is fully prepared and committed to helping our clients and partners through these extraordinary times.

If you’re getting this email, you know us well and you already know that we believe in the power of community and partnership. It’s a time for us to “give back” to our community by supporting the organizations, like yours, that we believe in. If it’s within our power to help, then the answer is yes.

Don’t hesitate to ask if we can be of any assistance to you or your teams. We’re all in this together. Our thoughts are with you and your families during this difficult time.

Beth & Jim

From HBP Click here for statement:



First, it’s been an unprecedented few days with the rapid spread of the coronavirus. From a health and economic standpoint, experts predict it will get much worse before it gets better.

In times of uncertainty like this, it’s best to rely on data and experts. This graph shows how important slowing the spread of infection is to saving lives.

And the experts at Johns Hopkins and Harvard have partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to launch an initiative to allow American mayors to share real-time learnings from the frontlines of the crisis.

Recently, we worked with Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign for President of the United States. His team was dedicated to making facts and data a bigger part of the debate. Although he’s no longer in the race, I’m proud of the quality, speed, and scale of the digital products LGND was able to create.

Earlier in my career, I was fortunate to serve as a speechwriter for Mike during his first term as mayor. The city was recovering from the tragedy of 9/11, and there was work to be done to build a better life for millions of New Yorkers across education, economic opportunity, and public health.

Mayor Bloomberg’s team used data to guide policy decisions that helped the city rebuild. But our decisions were also guided by optimism, the belief that the world can and will get better.

We’ll need all three—data, experts, and optimism—as we recover from this crisis.

Stay safe.



Stuck at Home?
Take The Time to Give Your Professional Development a Boost

We know your inboxes have been flooded with constant coronavirus updates, from handwashing memes to event cancellations and everything in between.

Whether you are working from home, and have some extra downtime during your would-be commute, or your workload is dwindling due to meeting cancelations, why not check out some free resources to continue working on YOU:

  • Google Ads Certifications: Showcase your mastery of Google Ads by getting certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and Measurement.

  • Google Analytics Academy: Learn about Google’s measurement tools so that you can offer your organization, company, or clients intelligent data collection and analysis. Courses include beginner, advanced, power users, and analytics 360.

  • Salary Negotiation Workshop: In this free online workshop from the American Association of University Women, learn how to identify and articulate your personal value, develop responses and strategies to use when negotiating your next role or move.

  • Writing for Brands: Freelancing in the Age of Content Marketing: Knowing how to pitch and write for brands is key to a successful freelance writing career — and it’s never been more important than in today’s digital content-driven world. Don’t miss this 30-minute Skillshare class that breaks the process down into simple steps (free with trial).

  • Intro to Digital Marketing Livestream: Step into the world of digital marketing with General Assembly – explore the components of brand building and see how modern marketers drive success.

Big Whig Media : https://youtu.be/9jA1-VUbjww

Upcoming Webinars

From RaffertyWeiss Media: Checking In

As we all attempt to work through an unprecedented time in our history and navigate uncharted waters in our country and around the world, the team at RaffertyWeiss is available to assist with certain needs.
There is no question that priority number one is the safety of ourselves, our families and our communities.
As a result, it seems clear that many of us will remain away from our workplaces in the short-term.  Teleworking and remote access will be the norm for a while. 
In that environment, communication and responsiveness are key to maintaining productivity and a connected team/workforce.
Please let us know if we can assist with any of the tools that might improve that communication and responsiveness.  
From livestreams, webcasts, podcasts, public service announcements, educational, training and outreach videos we are here to help by providing quality content, and helping you stay connected with the audiences that matter to you.
Stay safe everyone. 
Kind regards,
Patrick Rafferty

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