Automated Insights, an American technology company that specializes in making narratives using big data, published a case study detailing how its Wordsmith platform has helped the Associated Press produce close to 4,300 stories per quarter – 14 times more than the previous manual output of AP’s reporters and editors, reports Tech Times.

The Tech Times story, in part, also stated:

“In January, the Associated Press (AP) revealed that Wordsmith has been rolling out content since July 2014 without any human intervention.

“AP implemented the automation specifically for business-related stories that involve corporate earnings and stock market performance. Companies like Yahoo, Greatcall and Allstate have also put the technology to use. Yahoo, for instance, uses it for personalized recaps and reviews of Fantasy Football.

“When done manually, write-ups would be very time-consuming for human writers. There is also the likely possibility of committing errors when faced with so many figures. In contrast, Wordsmith can produce 2,000 of such stories in a second and all of which will have fewer errors.”

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